as new CMYK exchange color space

ECI has released the ICC color profile eciCMYK.icc. It’s based on the printing condition FOGRA53 defined by Fogra. The goal is a large gamut exchange space which covers all printing technologies (offset, gravure, digital). The eciCMYK profile can be download for free.

Since the gamut of eciCMYK is larger than any real printing gamut and the profile allows a high total ink coverage (TAC), this profile is not suitable for printing.


A color transformation to the real printing condition is required. Since the black separation is modified by a regular ICC transformation, it’s recommended to use a DeviceLink profile. ECI provides a package with three free DeviceLink profiles:

  • eciCMYK_to_PSOcoated_v3_DeviceLink.icc
  • eciCMYK_to_PSOuncoated_v3_DeviceLink.icc
  • ISOcoated_v2_to_eciCMYK_DeviceLink.icc

There are only DeviceLink profiles to the new PSO Coated V3 and PSO Uncoated V3 printing conditions. Those who still use ISO Coated V2 or PSO Uncoated will have to look for a solution themselves. With this ECI wants to push the new printing standards.

The release of this profile has started a heated debate about the sense or non-sense of such a CMYK exchange color space. What is your take? Please share your opinion using the comments field below this post with the other readers of PDF-AKTUELL.

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