Enfocus Connect 13 Update 2
with HTML jobtickets

The clever tool for transmission of PDF files from the creator to the service provider Enfocus Connect 13 Update 2 now also supports HTML jobtickets for entering customer and job information.

This updated version of Connect includes three options for creating and deploying HTML job tickets:

  • Basic job tickets – these are designed to be simple to create and easy to deploy, allowing basic customer and job data to be collected as jobs are being sent in.
  • Internal HTML forms are embedded in the remote Connectors providing a wider range of field and layout options for job tickets.
  • External HTML forms (hosted from a web server), allow the job tickets to be easily linked to back-end systems to automatically retrieve customer and job information, making the job tickets totally dynamic.

All three methods produce a properly formatted XML, TXT, or CSV based job ticket file that can be used for downstream automation. The information collected in the job tickets can be used as variables for the processing of files allowing for client-side preflight to be customised on-the-fly, rename files, or create custom delivery folders.

Connect ALL and Connect YOU 13 update 2 also includes enhancements for delivering InDesign file packages along with a PDF. These new features allow the original layout file – along with all its graphic resources – to be packaged and delivered in one step.

The new features are presented in a short movie on YouTube.

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