Enfocus PDF Review Module released

At last years Drupa Enfocus had showcased a new technology which allows to better integrate customers into review and approval workflows. This technology is now released as Switch PDF Review Module.

PDF Review Module consists of two parts:

  • a Switch App which uploads a PDF to a web server, and
  • the PDF Review web server, which can be installed on any internal or external host.

After the upload the PDF Review web server sends an email with a unique link to the customer. He can view the PDF (including correkt overprinting and transparency) rendered by the server without any add-ons in his web browser (desktop or mobile). Enfocus provides the following tools (partially based on PitStop technology) in the web browser:

  • Separation view
  • Densitometer
  • Layer view
  • Dokument and format informationen
  • Preflight report
  • Wireframe view
  • Ink Coverage
  • Annotations

Depending on the result of the customer approval a corresponding workflow is started automatically on the Switch server (see screenshot).

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