Enfocus PitStop 2017
with new technology

Enfocus has released version 2017 of PitStop Pro and PitStop Server. It’s the first bigger update sind April 2015 (version 13).

Enfocus has used the time to develop some innovative new preflight features. I have waited for these since longtime.

These features are based on the new PDF Geomapper technology. This makes ist possible to check objects based on their position on the page in relation to other objects at this position. This was not possible with any preflight tool since only properties of single objects are checked.

With PitStop 2017 it is now possible to

  • only report black text set to knockout if the text is on top of a color background.
  • omit non visible objects (e.g. placed underneath other objects) from preflight check since those have no influence on the result.
  • remove non visible objects (e.g. masked crop marks of placed ads).

In addition there are a number of other new features in PitStop 2017. E.g. the possibility to exclude certain separations (e.g. technical colors like varnish) from the ink coverage check. There are now nice features for handling transparency in PitStop Inspector. PitStop 2017 comes with over 40 DeviceLink profiles from X-Rite which can be used for color conversion between well known printing standards and for reduction of ink coverage (ink saving).

Enfocus has published three short videos on YouTube to demonstrate the new features:

And there is also a PDF with comprehensive descriptions of the new features.

Corresponding to a recent survey Enfocus PitStop is the most used plug-in of the readers of PDF-AKTUELL.

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