Enfocus PitStop 2018 released

Enfocus has released Enfocus PitStop 2018. These are some of the new features:

  • Generate Barcode Action with 100+ barcode types
  • Hard Crop Line Art
  • Action List Visualizer
  • Vector editing tools
  • Pantone color actions
  • Report on color type of pages
  • Check minimum dot action
  • New XML report (PitStop Server)
  • Improved Switch configurator (PitStop Server) *

More details can be found here and in a presentation of PitStop product manager Andrew Bailes-Collins:


In addition, there is now a PitStop Dashboard. Here statistical information about the personal use of PitStop are displayed in a web page (hosted by Enfocus).

Unfortunately PitStop Pro Dashboard is called with the use of a new menu entry in the main menu bar. Together with the menus PitStop Pro and Certified PDF Enfocus now uses almost half of the entire menu bar. Especially on smaller monitors (e.g. laptops) this is very cumbersome.

As a solution for this problem I have developed the Script FixPitStopMenues. Readers of PDF-AKTUELL can download this JavaScript for free.

* However Enfocus recommends NOT to upgrade to PitStop Server 2018 at the moment because all Action Lists and Preflight Profiles are lost during the upgrade. !

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