Enfocus PitStop 2020
with intelligent image recognition

Enfocus has released version 2020 of PitStop Pro and PitStop Server. As I reported in my pre-announcement, the new version uses Computer Vision technology for image recognition with support of artificial intelligence (AI).


This technology, which is also used in automated manufacturing and future technologies such as self-propelled cars, enables PitStop to “visually” check whether defined graphic shapes are present or missing in a PDF file. This action can also determine the number of appearances of an object. The technology even finds cropped or partial images that appear in the file. However, the check is currently performed on the basis of grayscale images and is therefore color-blind. Options can be used to control whether other sizes and rotated images are also detected. This can save a lot of time as it is no longer necessary to open a PDF file and search for objects manually.

Here you can find an overview of all new functions including three short YouTube videos.

Enfocus has also published a comprehensive PDF with detailed descriptions of all new features.

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