Enfocus releases version 1 of
Boarding Pass

After a long public testing period Enfocus har released version 1.0 of Enfocus Boarding Pass.

BoardingPass is a solution that allows incoming data to be checked for the most important print-relevant criteria. With BoardingPass, customer service and sales staff are able to check incoming PDF print data directly from their mail application and give the client easy-to-understand feedback. This means that the print data does not even have to go through the print service provider’s internal production workflow, but can be checked directly for print-relevant criteria and also reviewed.


BoardingPass includes a PDF viewer (incl. separation preview and display of page geometry frames). The PDF Checker is based on Enfocus PitStop technology. It checks image resolution, missing fonts, color spaces, trim size and bleed. However, for more extensive checks (e.g. according to the specifications of the Ghent Workgroup), a “real” preflight tool is required.

BoardingPass is a standalone application. There is no central data management for all jobs of all CSRs of a company.

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