Enfocus Switch PDF Review Modul 2.0 –
test with your own PDF

Since recently Enfocus Switch PDF Review Module 2 is available. This Switch module provides a fully automated online PDF proofing solution. Enfocus online proofing software removes manual touches from creating, sending, and receiving PDF proofs. It allows production teams to concentrate on getting jobs to press by speeding up the proofing cycle and provides a much better service to customers.

Enfocus offers users the opportunity to test drive the PDF Review Module with their own PDF (max 10 MB).


These are the new features of PDF Review Module 2:

  • Multiple PDF files in a single link

  • Support for Multiple brands

  • Reader spreads

  • Display the Preflight Report

  • Keep approved files for a defined time

  • Option to rotate view

  • Speed up the approval process

  • Support for password-protected PDFs

  • Email encryption and authentication

Since recently the PDF Review Module is also compliant to the Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.

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