Exchange color space eciCMYK v2
with improved gray axis

The European Color Initiative (ECI) has revised its CMYK exchange color space. The new version eciCMYK v2 (FOGRA59) offers an improved gray axis and thus expands the application possibilities of the CMYK exchange color space compared to the previous version. The new profile can be downloaded free of charge from the (german) ECI homepage.


eciCMYK v2 (FOGRA59) is the successor of the previous version eciCMYK (FOGRA53). The new profile is based on the technically revised characterization file FOGRA59. While maintaining the same color space, the new profile offers the essential advantage of a modified gray axis, which now contains cyan, magenta and yellow components familiar from classic printing processes. Thus, eciCMYK v2 offers a further advantage besides the advantages of the large color space and proofability.

Practical tests with various digital printing systems have shown that besides the conversion of “ISO Coated v2” to “PSO Coated v3” data (by means of the DeviceLink profiles of the ECI available for this purpose), instead, the assignment of the new CMYK exchange color space profile allows an improved output on digital printing systems with a larger color space: The printed image appears richer in contrast and with more vivid colors.

So far, however, there are (still) no DeviceLink profiles for eciCMYK v2 from the ECI as for the first version.

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