Exchange color space FOGRA55 (7C)
for extended color gamut
in multiprimary printing

FOGRA has completed the research project Professional colour communication in multiprimary printing that aims to derive important requirements for a predictable and professional workflow for industrial multicolor printing. This includes the development of a test suite, which, together with its documentation and evaluation matrix, simplifies the comparison of current applications for the preparation and processing of multicolor objects. Furthermore, a multicolor printing grid is to be developed based on the analysis of typical multicolor systems across printing processes.

Furthermore, an exchange color space for retouching and separation of multicolor print objects (CMYKOGV) will be developed and introduced as part of an ISO standard:.

In addition, practice-oriented documentation for professional color communication for multicolor printing in the form of a guide in ProcessStandard Digital (PSD) is to be introduced.

The color profile for 7-color printing (CMYKOGV) and the characterization data for FOGRA55 can be downloaded from FOGRA for free.

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