First PDF 2.0 products
with Harlequin 12 RIPs

Global Graphics reports first products based on Harlequin 12 RIPs with PDF 2.0 support..

In April Global Graphics had announced Harlequin 12, the first PDF 2.0 RIP.

The first products featuring Harlequin 12 are Xitron’s Navigator RIP Version 12 and HP Production Pro for Indigo Labels and Packaging Version 7.1.

Martin Bailey, CTO and head of product management at Global Graphics Software, says “If your Digital Front End or workflow is not compliant with this new standard it will silently ignore the new features available with unexpected results in output, or may even error when processing PDF 2.0 files.  Upgrading your DFE and continuing to consume PDF 1.7 files is safe; not upgrading and trying to consume PDF 2.0 files is not.  We strongly recommend that print service providers and converters should start planning upgrades to support PDF 2.0 for all applications consuming PDF, starting with the end of the workflow, with their Digital Front Ends and working upstream. We all know that just saying “don’t send me PDF 2.0 files” does not prevent customers from doing so. Upgrading to support PDF 2.0 ensures that you can confidently accept their files and spend your valuable time concentrating on areas that can differentiate your business!”

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