Free callas pdfGoHTML 2.0 released

Callas software published version 2.0 of callas pdfGoHTML. This free Adobe Acrobat plugin converts tagged PDF files into HTML format. A key feature of this new release is the total redesign of the way that tag structures are visualized. callas pdfGoHTML 2.0 is also significantly more robust when handling PDFs with unusual or very complex tag structures, and it now also fully supports PDF 2.0.


Callas pdfGoHTML has been making tagged PDFs more accessible since 2012, converting their content into HTML and then opening these HTML files in the user’s browser. The focus in this context is on an intuitive color-coded representation of the structure of the file content — an ideal complement to the tag tree visualization in Acrobat Pro which can often be difficult to read. As a result, quality control for tagged PDFs becomes a much faster process, and tagging problems can be identified and resolved extremely quickly.

The plugin for Acrobat 9 to DC on Macintosh and Windows can be downloaded for free.

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