Free preview version of
Enfocus Boarding Pass available

At the end of May, Enfocus introduced a new application called Enfocus Boarding Pass. A free preview version was announced for July:

Today I got the invitation to download the preview version. There is also a short webinar recording (10’12”) about this beta version. It also mentions which of the planned features are still missing in this first beta version. (The final version is planned for November.

I have briefly tested the first beta version of the application.


The PDF Viewer is flawless. The Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0 is displayed correctly. The separation preview also works well (but without displaying the percentage values).

The built-in PDF checks are unfortunately limited to insufficient image resolution (value can be entered), missing font embedding and missing bleed. Other important criteria (e.g. PDF/X conformity, output intent, RGB without ICC profile, white overprinting text, etc.) are not checked at all.

The PDF check of Enfocus Boarding Pass can therefore create a false sense of security. Faulty files can end up in production despite the check. All PDFs must therefore be checked again with a proper preflight tool during the prepress stage!

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