How Callas and Prepress
changed each other

On the Callas blog an article has appeared, in which the managing director Dietrich von Seggern reviews the development of Callas and the PDF technology.

At the beginning of the 200s, the focus was on PDF checking (preflight). Then correction functions were gradually added. From 2005, the focus was on automating these functions. Variables made it possible to make workflows more flexible.

In addition to the preflight engine, several other modules (some from third-party manufacturers) have now been added to pdfToolbox:

  • Imposition (Callas)
  • Rendering and transparency flattening (Adobe)
  • Barcodes (Tec-IT)
  • Adding content (callas pdfChip)
  • JavaScript (Google V8)
  • Shapes (Tracing Engine)

The latest technology is called Sifter and makes it possible to analyze objects in their context. This reduces the number of false positives.

Callas is working on the integration of new PDF standards such as PDF Processing Steps (ISO 19593) and, in the future, Print Product Metadata (ISO 21812).

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