Inhouse Seminars

In inhouse seminars (in english) the content can be customized to the need of a company. Since all users involved can participate they will all have a comon knowledge base after the seminar which facilitates the successful introduction of new workflows.

The following topics can be covered in an inhouse seminar:

  • Successful PDF creation
  • Checking PDF documents
  • Inside PDF preflight (advanced)
  • Edition of PDF documents
  • PDF/X for creatiors
  • PDF/X at the print shop
  • PDF for digital printing
  • PDF from office documents
  • PDF Color Management
  • Automation of PDF workflows
  • Accessible PDFs (PDF/UA)

A combination of these topics is also possible.

Some companies also invite selected customers. This facilitates the switch to PDF/X-4 or the introduction of preflight checks.

Please let me know if you are interested to receive a proposal for such an inhouse seminar.

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