Issue 100 of PDF-AKTUELL

Today issue 100 of the newsletter PDF-AKTUELL is published. The first issue was released on 9.2.1999 in german: 


In the archive most of the published newsletters are still available. Unfortunately some issues were “lost”.  Of course most of the links in the old newsletters are invalid by now. But I often use the archive to check when a particular version of a software was released and which new features were introduced.

The first newsletters were created with Adobe PageMill, the first WYSIWYG editor for HTML. The design is relatively ugly (however some people have called it “cult”).

Starting with PDF-AKTUELL Nr. 81 I have switched to WordPress (with the Newsletter plugin). After a few problems at the beginning it’s now running smoothly.

Since PDF-AKTUELL Nr. 83 the newsletter is also published in English. And thanks to  Google Translate also in 120 additional languages. 😉

The goal remains to send a summary of all news releated to PDF in Print Production via e-mail to all subscribers. The subscription of the newsletter is free of charge.

PDF-AKTUELL Nr. 100 features a summary of Drupa 2016. In addition to the blog post I have collected the most important PDF Trends at Drupa in a presentation at the PDF Days Europe.

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