Look back to 2015 and outlook to 2016

Jaeggi2_84x88In the beginning of 2015 my project at Novartis Pharma (global introduction of PDF/X-4 for all pharma packaging) has come to a successful end. That gave me more time for other things like building pdf-aktuell.ch. On march 9th, 2015 my new internet presence was officially started. The number of visitors is steadily increasing. Until now almost 300 blog posts in english and german have been posted.

In summer I could support a big german publishing group with the introduction of PDF/X-4. It was relatively easy since I had already introduced PDF/X-1a at this company a couple of years ago.

In addition I have invested a lot of time for the preparation of my new seminar PDF Master Class II (for now only in german). This seminar is very successful. The first seminars took place almost everywhere in full seminar rooms. On some locations additional seminars had to be organized. Since then I have constantly updated the seminar. I have also integrated Acrobat DC after the release. This seminar will be offered again at most locations this year.

For 2016 I will resume my PDF/X-4 seminars. During consulting and discussions with users I am often surprised that a lot of companies still don’t use this standard (introduced already in 2008!). At the same time they report problems with flattened transparency – but don’t think about trying PDF/X-4. A lot of them say “we have been using PDF/X-3 since 10 years – why should we change something?”. Those people have not realised that during the last ten years the technology for creating PDF (direct pdf export instead of Distiller, transparency, layers, etc.) and for PDF output (native PDF RIPs) has evolved dramatically. Using a 15 year old data format does not allow to benefit from these new technologies. Those who have not yet switched to PDF/X-4 should consider attending one of my PDF/X-4 seminars. (Unfortunately currently only available in german.)

But I am also offering inhouse seminars in english. This allows to customize the content to the needs of a particular company. Since all users involved can participate they will all have a comon knowledge base after the seminar which facilitates the successful introduction of new workflows.

I am also planning webinars (online seminars) for special topics. Often important members of a team cannot attend a full day seminar since their presence in production is requested. Attending a one hour webinar from their desk is however possible. Stay tuned…

Last spring I have created version 2.3 of the PDFX-ready settings and preflight profiles (now also available in english).

In 2015 we could celebrate 10 years of PDFX-ready. We have organized a well attended information event in Zurich.

At the moment I am preparing the release of version 1.4 (PDF/X-1a) and 2.4 (PDF/X-4) of the PDFX-ready settings and profiles. Those will support the new ECI color profiles.

After that I will attack the topic of PDF files for print production created with Office applications. Last year I have teached a german tutorial at the PDF Days Europe in Cologne. For PDFX-ready I am planning to create compact recepies, settings and preflight profiles for the creation, conversion and checking of PDF files created with Office applications.

In addition we will add the CMYK+RGB workflow to the PDFX-ready certifications. Recently I had a brilliant idea…

The subcommittee Process Control of the Ghent Workgroup (GWG) which I am charing is currently finalizing the work for the Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0. Some interesting test patches for checking transparency processing and RGB workflows will be introduced.

As you can see 2016 will not be boaring for me…

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