Mako SDK supports PDF/X-4

Actino annouced that the version of the SDK, Mako 4.7, provides support for PDF/X-4 output, which complies with the PDF/X-4 standard (ISO 15930-7:2010). It is now possible to create PDF/X-4 files from any of the supported input formats: PDF, XPS, PCL/XL, PCL5 (or PostScript via PDFLib, included with Mako).

Mako’s developers worked hard to create the prerequisites for compliant PDF/X-4 output. These include font embedding, DeviceN color handling, color characterization and output readiness, optional content, trapping flag, and metadata. All this can be applied automatically, regardless of the input via the PDF/X-4 default, but OEMs like Actino Software can control the process as needed.

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