More performance for Acrobat DC
on Mac thanks to August 2019 update

Adobe released planned updates for Acrobat DC and Acrobat 2017. As usual there are two separate installers:

The update can also be installed using the Acrobat menu Help > Check for Updates….

In the latest version there are not as many new features as in previous updates. The August update mainly brings improvements for the Mac version:

In addition, there are new preferences to disable recently introduced features that have annoyed many users… 😉

Work has also continued on improving safety, stability and performance.

According to Adobe, switching all components to 64-bit on the Mac improves startup time by 70% and doubles the speed of various features.

UPDATE: On 22.8.19 Adobe added optional updates to version 19.012.20040 (Continuous Track) and version 17.011.30148 (Classic Track) with some bug fixes regarding fonts, forms, scan and distiller.

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