Most of the PDFs are created
with Adobe InDesign

The question of the last survey in September was

With which application are your PDFs created mostly?

I am not surprised that most of the PDFs of the readers of PDF-AKTULL are created with Adobe InDesign. Unexpected is the relatively high proportion of QuarkXPress and also the low share of Acrobat Distiller.

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1 thought on “Most of the PDFs are created <br />with Adobe InDesign”

  1. Why would you be so “surprised” that such a low percentage of PDF files are created via Distiller? For the vast majority of applications that have native export of PDF, such export is typically capable of much higher quality PDF than PDF created via distillation of PostScript. (Distiller created PDF has no live transparency, no real color management, no reliable tagging, etc., etc., etc.) On the MacOS platform, PDF creation is also available directly from the print dialog for applications that don’t have native PDF export. That leaves Windows applications that don’t have any native PDF export/save, but can print to the Adobe PDF PostScript printer driver instance.

    Is there still a need for Distiller (and the Adobe PDF PostScript printer driver instance under Windows)? Yes, but it is essentially the PDF creation method of last resort now.

    – Dov


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