Mysterious warning in Enfocus PitStop
with PDFs from Adobe InDesign CC2019

When editing with Enfocus PitStop, the following warning appears suddenly for PDFs that have been exported from InDesign CC2019:

Warning: This document contains PiecceInfo from InDesign.


This warning is triggered by the additional metadata that InDesign writes to the PDFs to enable the new function for importing comments from the PDF file. The metadata is written to the PDF file as PieceInfo.

PitStop users have known this warning for a long time from Illustrator PDFs, where the Illustrator code is also embedded in the PDF file. The warning is very useful there because PitStop corrections in the PDF objects are lost when the file is opened again in Illustrator.

However, the PieceInfo from InDesign is not at risk. It also makes little sense to remove them, as they are very small (unlike the PieceInfo from Illustrator) and the import of PDF comments would no longer be possible.

Enfocus should add an option in the preferences that allows the user to decide if he wants to see these warning or not for PDFs from InDesign. By default this option should be disabled.

UPDATE: In Enfocus PitStop 2019 InDesign PieceInfo do not create warnings anymore. There is also a new option Option Remove PieceInfo in the Remove Metadata action.

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