New bugs in Acrobat DC

In addition to the bugs taken over from former Acrobat versions which have never been fixed there are some new bugs in Acrobat DC:

  • Using an RGB profile as Output Intent (e.g. for PDF from Office applications) crashes Acrobat DC on the Mac when the Output Preview is used.
  • The Trapped key in the Document Info is not displayed and cannot therefore be changed.
  • Buttons created in InDesign which are using effects (e.g. drop shadow) do not display correctly in Acrobat/Reader DC.
  • PDF pages which only contain images are processed by the OCR feature (because Acrobat thinks that it’s a scanned page) when the Edit features is called. Unfortunately this removes the ICC profiles of the images!

Of course this list is not complete. Please send me more bugs as comment (below) or by email

UPDATE: Three of those bugs are resolved with the first update of Acrobat DC.

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  1. We have seen a problem when trying to save as a reduced PDF. The first pass does not work and we have to do the save as reduced PDF command a few times before the file is actually reduced in size. We are seeing this with Acorbat Pro / Standard DC 2015 Release (Classic) version 2015.006.30121


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