New ECI profiles for sheetfed offset printing

On September 30th a kick-off event took place in Stuttgart were BVDM, ECI and FOGRA presented their new tools supporting the new ISO 12647-2:2013 printing standard.

The new ISO-Standard supports the latest developments and standards in measuring technology and lightening. For papers containing optical brigheners a better process control can be achieved. Color measurements and visual impression of proof and printing are better in line.

ECI has created two new ICC color profiles based on new FOGRA characterisation data:

In addition two DeviceLink profiles for the conversion from the old to the new standard and vis-versa (but only for Coated) are available:

The new profiles are not called ISO… anymore but PSO… since ISO has forbidden the use of ISO.

Since the new printing standard involves many changes (new paper classes, new tone value curves, modern measurement devices, different lighting conditions), the print provider should be contacted before the new profiles are used for producing print data. The truthfull declaration of the output intent becomes crucial during the transition period!

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