October 2015 update of Acrobat DC

Adobe has released the October 2015 update of Acrobat DC. Again there are two versions:

Interestingly both versions share the same What’s New document. This means that the threat that users of a perpetual license will not get any new features was not (yet) accomplished.

This update contains some new interesting features and also some bug fixes. Users of Acrobat DC should therefore install this update.

IMHO the most important new feature which was requested by users since longtime is the ability to view documents as multiple tabs within the same application window. This is well known since a while in the Adobe creative applications as well as in web browsers. With this you can avoid a lot of open windows each having its own tool bar if multiple documents are open at the same time. If you don’t like this behaviour you can disable the feature in the general preferences.

Also new in the preferences of the Mac version there is an option to disable the Home window when no document is open. However the Home window was improved. You can now search in the document list and there is a thumbnail preview of the selected document.

The Tool window has now a (better) structure using categories. The tools don’t change positions anymore. However the display of tool icons of third party plugins when using a HiDPI resolution is not working properly.

As reported in seperate articles there is now support for Dropbox and an improvement of electronic signatures.

Also a couple of bugs have been fixed. Also some bugs which are not mentioned in the list. However the list of known issues is still much longer than the list of resolved bugs. And this list of known issues is not even complete. Some of the bugs I have reported to Adobe do not appear on this list (e.g. change of PDF version by Preflight Audit Trail). And since I guess that this is not only happening with my bug reports the real list is probaly much longer. In case you find any additionl bugs please send me a note

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