One year Acrobat DC

Acrobat DC is available since one year. Beside a new name, a new version numbering scheme and the fact that Adobe prefers renting over selling the application, the most important change was the new user interface.

Unfortunately in daily production it turned out that for experienced users the new user interface is more complicated than the well known interfaces of Acrobat 9 and Acrobat XI. During the last year there were serveral updates with small improvements of the user interface but at the end of the day more clicks are required to execute most functions. This was also one of the reasons that there were many post of unsatisified users in online forums.

But there are also some new features in Acrobat DC. Beside the possibility to define dynamic preflight profiles using variables, for me the most important addition is the introduction of the tab view for multiple documents in the October update:The decision to automatically remove older Acrobat versions during the installation of Acrobat DC was not very popular among the users. After a lot of protests in the Internet Adobe added a (somewhat hidden) option to enable the de-installation of older versions (enabled by default!).

Therefore it’s not surprising that Acrobat DC is only accepted very slowly by professional users in print production. I am always asking the attendees of my seminars if they have already made the transition to Acrobat DC. So far the large majority did not.

In order to get a better overview I have installed a survey feature on PDF-AKTUELL. The first survey is about the Acrobat version(s) (mostly) used. Please participate in this survey!

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