One year PDFX-ready Online Tools

In the morning of Octobre 26th, 2016 we have launched the PDFX-ready Online Tools. which I had developed for PDFX-ready. Right at the beginning we offered three tools:

  • PDF Preflight (with the well known PDFX-ready preflight profiles)
  • Color Preflight (Analysis of the undefined color spaces in a PDF)
  • ISO<–>PSO Converter (for color transformation between the old and new offset standards)

There is a FREEWARE and PREMIUM versions for members of PDFX-ready.

The experience we made in the past year is pretty good. The Enfocus Switch server with the applications Callas pdfToolbox and ColorLogic ProfileTagger is running very stable. But of course there were a few problems.


A couple of weeks ago during a heavy storm in Germany the data center which hosts the TeamBeam service, which is used for distributing the results of the PDFX-ready Online Tools, broke down completely and the results were not transfered anymore. We have sent the reports manually during a day until the server was back again.

An other problem was releated to Color Preflight. A user had sent a 13 page PDF with more than 29’000 images which were created during transparency flattening. First Color Preflight is not able to make a good analysis of such small images but second there was a problem with the quantity. After an hour of processing Color Preflight run into a pre-defined time-out. Soon we will implement a check which refused to process files with more than 500 images and pages with a lot of very small images to prevent further problems.

Short before the anniversary there was an other problem with Teambeam. No results were transfered anymore. Instead Switch did send out error mails every minute. Thanks to the support of the specialists at Impressed the problem was solved in time for the anniversary!

Next year we are planning the introduction of Visual Preflight where the problematic objects are visually marked on the pages.

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