Patch for problems in
May update of Acrobat DC

In the May update of Acrobat DC I have detected a new behaviour of the display of the Total Ink Coverage in the Output Preview. The areas with too much ink are not displayed immediately anymore after enabling the feature or changing the treshold value (like in all versions since Acrobat 7). Only after clicking into the Acrobat window the problematic areas are displayed in the warning color.

A reader has detected an other problem in the latest update of Acrobat DC. The option Simulate Paper Color in the Output Preview does not work anymore as it used to be. Only pixel in the color paper white are included in the simulation. The (empty) paper background does not change (as in earlier versions) when paper simulation is activated!

In addition I have found reports of a problem with PitStop in conjunction with Output Preview and a YouTube video which shows a strange behaviour when zooming in separations. There are also a many users complaining about printing problems.

On May 19th Adobe has released a Patch for the May updates of Acrobat DC which should solve serveral problems:

The update can also be installed using the Acrobat menu Help > Check for Updates….

The problems with the display of total ink coverage and with PitStop editing seam to be solved. However the problem with  the paper simulation still exists.

Please let me know if you discover other problems…

PS. Adobe does now activate the option for automatic updates in the Acrobat preferences by themselfs. You will have to disable this feature after every update manually if you want to avoid automatic updates!

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