PDFlib 9.1 with new color features

Version 9.1 of the well known PDFlib from the developer by the same name in Munich contains new features for color handling. This is very important for highend prepress files:

  • Support for DeviceN and NChannel color spaces with an arbitrary number of colorants
  • PDF/X-5n for exchange of n-colorant production files, e.g. in the packaging industry
  • SVG color extension for ICC profiles, spot and DeviceN color as well as Gray/RGB/CMYK device color for increased usability of SVG for print production
  • Pantone Extended Gamut Coated (XGC) spot colors and Pantone Plus 2016 update
  • Color gradients with an arbitrary number of stop colors for flexible color blends
  • Color gradients between different spot colors, e.g. blends of Pantone colors
  • Default color spaces can be specified for pattern, templates and Type 3 font glyphs
  • Extended treatment of color-related topics in the PDFlib Tutorial and Cookbook

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