PDFX-ready is 10 years old

Jaeggi2_84x88Ten years ago we have founded PDFX-ready in Zurich. Since then almost all important swiss printer associations, system integrators, consultants, training institutes, trade magazines and also some vendors support PDFX-ready as Partners. More than 200 users (printers, prepress service providers, graphic designers, ad agencies, publishers and also print buyers) are already Member of PDFX-ready.

The goal of the association is promoting the use of the PDF/X standards (ISO 15930) with clients, creators and receivers of digital artwork. The use of PDF/X is supported with short instructions (called recipes), color settings, export presets and preflight profiles for offset printing and recently als digital printing. For comprehensive background information on PDF/X workflows the popular PDFX-reade Guideline is available for free.

I was a founding member and since the beginning I am the board member responsible for  certifications. In addition I have developed the preflight profiles as well as the output test forms.

At the beginning CMYK workflows using PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3 were supported. In 2011 PDF/X-4 with live transparency was added. Since April 2015 there is also a PDF/X-4 workflow using RGB images available.

The PDFX-ready activities in the past years have increased the reliability of digital artwork exchange substantially. Thanks to PDFX-ready Switzerland is leading the usage of PDF/X in the world today.

PDFX-ready got also recognized abroad. Beside a german and a french home page there is  also an english web site with an english guideline available now.

An important part of the PDFX-ready offer are the certifications. More than 2000 Creator, Output and Expert certifications have been issued. Recentyl a Student certification for schools was added. Unfortunately the certifications are only available in german and french at the moment.

On November 19th, 2015 a free information event (in german) will take place from 5 to 8 p.m. at the graphic design school in Zurich.

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