Adobe PDF Print Engine 5
supports PDF 2.0

Adobe has announced Adobe PDF Print Engine 5. After Harlequin RIP 12 from Global Graphics the latest version of the Adobe Software RIP now also support the new PDF 2.0 printing features:

  • Black Point Compensation (BPC)
  • Halftone Origin
  • Spectral definition of spot colors (CxF)
  • Page-based Output Intents

In addition anti-aliasing (smoothing) has been improved and accelerated.

Serveral vendors intent to integrate APPE 5 in their products. Agfa has already annouced this for the upcoming Apogee-Workflow 11.

Agfa announces version 11
of the Apogee workflow

The eleventh version of the PDF output workflow system from Agfa features improvements for job ganging as well as the new AutoImpose feature for automatic imposition of print jobs. Apogee WebApproval also got an update.

Apogee v11 includes the Adobe PDF Print Engine 5 to prepare printers for full compatibility with the new PDF 2.0 standard and to output designs correctly.

Version 11 from Apogee will be available from 22 October 2018 onward.

GWG Workshop in Washington

The day before the next technical meeting the Ghent Workgroup organizes a Graphic Arts Workshop near Washington DC on Octobre 9 th, 2018.

This is the agenda:

  • The opportunities and challenges in print’s competitive marketplace
  • PDF and PDF/X-plus
  • The future of print workflows – PDF 2.0 and PDF/X-6
  • How the Ghent PDF Output Suite can help you to check your output workflow
  • PDF for Packaging

and these are the speakers.

The event will take place in the Embassy Suites by Hilton, Alexandria Old Town (Washington DC).

The first PDF specification
was published 25 years ago

Twentyfive years ago, on July 1st, 1993, Addison Wesley has published the first Portable Document Format Reference Manual:

Initially the specification was only available as a printed book which had to be purchased. Much later the spec was made available as a free PDF version!

John Warnock, one of the Adobe founders, had described the basics of PDF already in his «Camelot» white paper. Then the new data format was called Interchange PostScript (IPS) and was meant to facilitate the paperless office.

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was published 25 years ago

My Keynote on 25 years of PDF
at PDF Days Europe 2018

I had the honor to open the PDF Days Europe 2018 conference with a keynote introduction on 25 years of PDF:

I have slightly changed the title to 27 years of PDF since I am involved with this data format already since 1991.

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at PDF Days Europe 2018