GWG: new Landing Page and new
Preflight Profiles for Digital Printing

After the recent publication of the first specification for digital printing by the Ghent Workgroup (GWG), a new landing page for digital printing has now been released. A similar landing page has recently been launched for packaging and labels.

On the new digital printing page you can also download the new digital printing preflight profiles for Enfocus PitStop Pro and Callas pdfToolbox. The Callas profile can also be used with Acrobat DC Pro.

ATTENTION: The new profiles are called «GWG_Digital_Cutsheet_2015…». The year 2015 is justified by the fact that the new digital printing specification is based on the GWG2015 specifications for offset printing.

Disable the new security warning
in Acrobat and Distiller

Since the (unimportant) Acrobat update of April 9, 2019, users have been surprised by the following dialog box when converting PostScript and EPS files to PDF in Acrobat and Distiller:

This message appears in the following variants of Acrobat:

  • Acrobat DC: 2019.010.20099
  • Acrobat 2017: 2017.011.30138
  • Acrobat 2015 Classic: 2015.006.30493

Adobe has already published instructions for permanently disable this annoying security warning in Acrobat and Distiller.

An update to version 19.010.20100 for Windows has already been released on April 16, 2019, which prevents the security warning from opening while printing to Adobe PDF.

New PDF Layout Tool «Stepz»
for digital packaging and labels

Hybrid Software has announced a new PDF layout software for digital packaging and labels

As the name indicates, the main task of Stepz is the Step&Repeat function. Stepz is a slimmed-down version of Hybrid’s native PDF editor PACKZ.

The first version of Stepz is intended for users of HP Indigo digital presses with Global Graphics DFEs. (Finally, the Chairman of Hybrid Software has recently also become Chairman of Global Graphics…).

About the necessity
of «context aware» preflight

The Callas Blog has published an article about the necessity of «context aware” preflight. The new «Sifter» technology in Callas pdfToolbox 10 allows to analyze PDF objects in their context. See also my article A Quantum Leap in Preflight!.

Akash Choudhary describes some use cases in his post. The classic example is certainly small black text that is set to knockout:

If the black text is places over a colored background (left), overprinting is important to prevent white flashes in case of register inaccuracies in the printing machine. If the text has no background (right), it does not matter whether it is set to overprint or knockout.

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of «context aware» preflight

CorelDraw 2019 with PDF/X-4 – or not!

More than 10 years after the introduction of PDF/X-4 finally CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 now adds support for PDF/X-4. At least that’s what the manufacturer claims.

I courageously installed the trial version and did some practice tests.

First I imported some PDF/X-4 files. CorelDraw tries to convert the PDF files (including text) into the Corel format. You can choose between Text and Curves. With the “Text” option, font substitution is often used and the text is completely torn. The conversion of the text into curves (vectors) is better, but is not exactly considered “state of the art”!

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