Why some tools are more
forgiving of bad PDFs?

Martin Bailey gives some thoughts on the Global Graphics blog about compliance, compatibility, and why some tools are more forgiving of bad PDFs.

He reports on Global Graphics’ nearly 25 years of experience with native PDF RIPs (Harlequin). At that time, developers were faced with the question of whether to strictly implement the PDF specification and thus risk not being able to process many PDFs (even from well-known creators), or whether to pragmatically achieve the best possible result even with poorly built PDFs.

Enfocus PitStop 2021 is released

Enfocus has released the new 2021 version of PitStop Pro and PitStop Server.

Some of the most significant new features include:

  • Imposition of booklets (see video)
  • Check and create bleed around a die-cut outline (see video)
  • Improvements to page-based bleeding functionality
  • 32/64bit application (PitStop Pro with Acrobat Windows)

With PitStop 2021, users can now check, crop and recreate the bleed along a vector outline. This allows PDF files with punch lines or digital trim lines to be quickly processed in prepress.

Additional highlights of PitStop 2021 are presented in six short videos.

Text comparison application
PDiff 3.2 available

CSci announces that the new PDiff version 3.2 is now available:

PDiff shows you quickly and safely all text differences between two PDF documents – as a comparison of the two PDFs and with markings of the deviations. So you can check intended revisions quickly and find unintended changes at first glance.

New features in this release of the text-based PDF comparison solution are among others:

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PDiff 3.2 available

Enfocus releases version 1 of
Boarding Pass

After a long public testing period Enfocus har released version 1.0 of Enfocus Boarding Pass.

BoardingPass is a solution that allows incoming data to be checked for the most important print-relevant criteria. With BoardingPass, customer service and sales staff are able to check incoming PDF print data directly from their mail application and give the client easy-to-understand feedback. This means that the print data does not even have to go through the print service provider’s internal production workflow, but can be checked directly for print-relevant criteria and also reviewed.

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Boarding Pass