Asura 21.1 with new
PDF/UA technology and proof forms

OneVision has equipped its prepress package Asura in the new version 21.1 with powerful new features when it comes to “automated print file preparation” and “PDF workflow”:

  • Time savings with automated proof forms and nesting reports

  • Verification on PDF/UA standard

  • Automatic bleed generation when elements are not positioned exactly

  • Grouping of print files when nesting

Preconfigured assembly lines and templates for automated generation of proof forms and nesting reports.

Automatic bleed generation when elements are not positioned exactly.

Exchange color space FOGRA55 (7C)
for extended color gamut
in multiprimary printing

FOGRA has completed the research project Professional colour communication in multiprimary printing that aims to derive important requirements for a predictable and professional workflow for industrial multicolor printing. This includes the development of a test suite, which, together with its documentation and evaluation matrix, simplifies the comparison of current applications for the preparation and processing of multicolor objects. Furthermore, a multicolor printing grid is to be developed based on the analysis of typical multicolor systems across printing processes.

Furthermore, an exchange color space for retouching and separation of multicolor print objects (CMYKOGV) will be developed and introduced as part of an ISO standard:

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Enfocus Switch PDF Review Modul 2.0 –
test with your own PDF

Since recently Enfocus Switch PDF Review Module 2 is available. This Switch module provides a fully automated online PDF proofing solution. Enfocus online proofing software removes manual touches from creating, sending, and receiving PDF proofs. It allows production teams to concentrate on getting jobs to press by speeding up the proofing cycle and provides a much better service to customers.

Enfocus offers users the opportunity to test drive the PDF Review Module with their own PDF (max 10 MB).

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