PDFX-ready Guideline
now available in English

The PDFX-ready Guideline covers the entire workflow from the creation of images and illustrations, the design of the layout, the correct PDF export, preflight and output of PDF/X files. This guideline concentrates on the PDF/X-4 workflow using CMYK and spot colours.

QuarkXPress 2014: Error for overprinting in EPS

Some readers of PDF-AKTUELL have reported problems with the PDF export in the new QuarkXPress 2015. If a PDF export is done with native transparency (as requested for PDF/X-4), overprinting operators in imported EPS pages get lost. (This was not a problem in QXP 10!) If the PDF export is done with the options “Ignore Transparency” or “Flatten Transparency” overprinting in EPS is still exported correctly into the PDF.

This can easily be tested using the Overprint Verification Control Strip from Global Graphics.

Overprinting in imported PDF pages is honored (most of the time). That’s also the workaround. Problematic EPS files can be converted to PDF in Acrobat Distiller (with the options “Preserve Overprint Settings” and “Overprinting default is non-zero overprinting” enabled). The PDF is then imported into the Quark layout.

Quark has already aknowledged the problem and promised a fix in the next version.

UPDATE: In the meantime Quark has solved the problem in the 2015 Updater (version for Macintosh and Windows.