PDF/UA-1:2014 is published in an accessible version by the ISO

Two years after the publication of the standard PDF/UA-1:2012 (ISO 14289-1) a slightly modified version PDF/UA-1:2014 was published.

This ISO standard is the first document which is published in an accessible version by the ISO. The ISO was supported by two members of the PDF Association and their PDF/UA competency center.

The new version features small adjustments and clarifications. PDF/UA-1:2014 replaces the 2012 version.

Additional details can be found on pdfa.org.

Update to Acrobat 11.0.09

The Update to Acrobat 11.0.09 for Macintosh and Windows brings some new features (beside the usual bug fixes):

A long list of recently opend PDFs can be displayed a list or page thumbnails. Sorting by file name, file size and date is possible and can be predefined in the options menu (upper right).

I prefer the list view since it’s faster and one can see more files. By hovering the mouse over an entry a preview of the pages (you can click through the pages) is displayed!

The same view is available in the “Recent Files” section of the free Acrobat.com service which is accessed by cloud.acrobat.com now.

In addition sharing the PDF documents used on the desktop with the Adobe Reader Mobile is very easy.