Preflight of Callas pdfToolbox 7 in Acrobat DC

Adobe has decided to update the preflight functionality in Acrobat Pro. As you might know the preflight plug-in is developed by Callas Software in Berlin. Callas is using these preflight features also in their pdfToolbox product and do enhance the features on a quarterly bases.

Adobe and Callas now agreed to implement all the preflight checks of pdfToolbox 7 into Acrobat DC Pro and to keep the preflight features of the two products in sync in the future in order to save development and support effort.

Acrobat users therefore can make use of features like preflight variables which allow the definition of dynamic preflight checks. An other new feature is a check of the x-height of text. This is especially important for food packaging since there is a new EU regulation which defines the minimum text sizes using the x-height.

Unfortunately not all of the preflight features of pdfToolbox 7 are implemented in the new Acrobat version. Users cannot benefit from process plans nor custom preflight reports.

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