Problem of Enfocus PitStop Pro Mac
with latest Acrobat version solved

Recently, Enfocus had warned PitStop users on Mac about updating to the latest version of Acrobat Update September 2021, which Adobe recently released.

The Mac version of this update caused an issue for PitStop Pro: when one or more objects are selected in PitStop Pro, the selected objects and anchor points are not displayed. Enfocus has published a knowledgebase article about this.

In the meantime, Enfocus has been able to fix the problem. You have to install the latest version of PitStop Pro (2021.0.3).

A reader of PDF-AKTUELL already reported this problem with PitStop in a german comment two days before the Enfocus warning and he also reported another problem with Callas pdfToolbox.

Windows users are not affected by this problem.

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2 thoughts on “Problem of Enfocus PitStop Pro Mac <br>with latest Acrobat version solved”

  1. It is just too bad. Adobe updated all of our Acrobat DCs here in the shop, automatically, even though we all had Automatic Updates turned off in our Adobe Creative Cloud settings! There was no warning and no way around! Now they aren’t helping us downgrade to the previous version.

    I hope you can come up with a solution soon, because there is absolutely no help from Adobe!


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