Public beta test of new GWG
preflight profiles for Display & Sign

In the Ghent Workgroup (GWG) we have recently developed a new specification for applications and preflight profiles for Display & Sign.

On the new landing page Display & Sign one can find the new specification and also beta versions of the preflight profiles for the Callas pdfToolbox and Enfocus PitStop Pro, which will be publicly tested in the next weeks. A whitepaper will follow later.


The preflight profiles require the latest versions of the two preflight tools, since calculations with variables are carried out in the profiles in order to consider the viewing distance and, if necessary, a scaling factor in the checks. There is no version for Acrobat Pro, because there are currently no variable calculations with JavaScript possible with the Adobe software.

These preflight profiles are the first standard profiles to take advantage of the new possibilities with variable calculations in the pdfToolbox and PitStop.

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