Script «Fix PitStop Menus»
for Enfocus PitStop Pro 2018

Enfocus has added a new top-level menu with the long title PitStop Pro Dashboard in the recently released Enfocus PitStop Pro 2018. Most of the users will use this feature not often or never at all. Together with the menus PitStop Pro and Certified PDF Enfocus now uses almost half of the entire menu bar. Especially on smaller monitors (e.g. laptops) this is very cumbersome. (This also contradicts the recommendation of Adobe that third party plug-ins shall use the «Plug-Ins» menu.)

That’s why I have developed the JavaScript Fix PitStop Menus which removes the menus «PitStop Pro Dashboard» and «Certified PDF» from the main menu bar and moves them to the «PitStop Pro» menu.


A ZIP archive with the JavaScript and installation instructions can be downloaded for free.

After copying the script in the JavaScripts folder of Acrobat Pro (see Installation.txt) and a re-start of Acrobat Pro, the disturbing menus are moved from the main menu bar to the «PitStop Pro» submenu. In addition, an «About» menu is added which also features a call of PDF-AKTUELL. 😉 

The script is intelligent and will also operate on older PitStop versions. In this case only the «Certified PDF» menu is moved!

If this script is useful for you please leave a comment below..

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