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PDiff 3.2 available

CSci announces that the new PDiff version 3.2 is now available:

PDiff shows you quickly and safely all text differences between two PDF documents – as a comparison of the two PDFs and with markings of the deviations. So you can check intended revisions quickly and find unintended changes at first glance.

New features in this release of the text-based PDF comparison solution are among others:

  • Start dialog to create new projects
    • PDF A and PDF B can be inserted by drag-and-drop
    • alternatively: click on the drop targets to open a file selection dialog
    • if an import converter is configured, other formats can also be inserted (e.g. Word files)
    • a page range can be specified in advance for both PDFs
    • additional function: previously saved XML files with exclusion areas and/or text replacements can be inserted “over” the documents as a additional input files using drag-and-drop
  • Report Annotated PDF A+B with extended information in the appendix
  • Report Annotated PDF A+B also shows exclusion areas
  • Contemporary design of the synopsis table (lower window half)
  • For protected (signed) PDF inputs, an annotated PDF A, PDF B or PDF A+B can still be generated. In this case, the reports contain pages with rendered images instead of the original PDF pages.
  • Report Annotated PDF A+B shows in the appendix pages numbers for the differences
  • Dialog Authentification will be automatically displayed if the proxy server requires user credentials
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