The first issue of PDF-AKTUELL
was published 20 years ago

The first issue of my newsletter PDF-AKTUELL: was published on February 9th, 1999:

At the beginning the newsletter was only published in german language. An english version was introduced in 2015.

The newsletter is published since 20 years more or less on a regular basis and contains information on the most important news about the use of PDF in prepress.

The newsletter archive is an interesting time travel through the development of this topic almost from the beginning.

Many external links in older issues are not working anymore since these pages have been moved or removed by their creators.

In the first years only a text email with the editorial, the titles of the messages and a link to an HTML page with the individual messages was sent. After the change of the website there is now an HTML-Email with all messages including pictures. For long posts only the beginning of the article and a link to the continuation will be published.

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