Variable data printing with «AccurioPro Variable Data» from Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta has introduced Accurio Pro Variable Data, a new VDP (Variable Data Printing) software for printing and publishing variable data.

Accurio Pro Variable Data is a powerful variable data plug-in for Adobe InDesign®. It enables seamless integration and easy addition of variable elements to any InDesign document to create a variety of unique file and VDP formats, including PDF/VT.


The software is fully supported by all Konica Minolta systems and other digital presses; it can merge text, images, multi-line articles or full-page information from various sources.

AccurioPro Variable Data supports many advanced design features, such as type-on-a-curve, runarounds, multi-page composition, drop shadows and transparency effects. The software is completely menu-driven. Unlike other VDP software products, there is no coding language to learn.

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