VivaDesigner 9 with multiple PDF export options

VivaDesigner9_PDF-ExportVivaDesigner 9 offers a lot of new PDF versions and PDF/X standards during export. Surprising is the option PDF 2.0 ISO 32000-2. This ISO standard is still in the making and many topics are not yet finalized yet! The publication of ISO 32000-2 is expected for the next year only…

I have tested the PDF import and export features of VivaDesigner 9 using the sophisticated pages of the Ghent PDF Output Suite (including the two pages of the Output Suite 5.0 which is not yet published). After export to PDF/X-4 the result looks very good:

VivaDesigner9_GhentOutputSuite_X4A clear cross or a deviation to the reference image indicate an error in processing (import and export).

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