Warning about OpenType SVG fonts
in Adobe InDesign CC2019

A few weeks ago I advised caution with new SVG fonts in Adobe InDesign CC2019. (These are also called color fonts). Meanwhile my fears have been confirmed.

Christian Blaise, a French colleague from the Ghent Workgroup (GWG), has done extensive testing and published two english articles on his blog:

We recently discussed this issue in detail in the Process Control Working Group of the Ghent Workgroup, which I am chairing. The results were as follows:


  • OpenType SVG fonts are not part of the PDF specification and must therefore be converted for PDF export.
  • Adobe InDesign CC2019 is currently making a faulty conversion to Type 3 fonts.
  • The RGB colors of the Type 3 fonts do not contain a color profile and are therefore not compatible with PDF/X-4.
  • Adobe has announced that these bugs will be fixed soon.
  • Callas and Enfocus have informed that they are working on special features for these fonts in Callas pdfToolbox and Enfocus PitStop.

Therefore the Ghent Workgroup recommends not to use OpenType SVG fonts for print files from Adobe InDesign CC2019 until these bugs are fixed.

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