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PrePress-ConsultingPrePress-Consulting was founded 1992 by Stephan Jaeggi in Binningen near Basel (Switzerland). In the first years a broad range of consulting services for prepress was offered. Major topics were layout applications, PostScript imagesetters, data conversion and database publishing. In 1996 Stephan Jaeggi decided to concentrate on the use of the Portable Document Format (PDF) in print production. At the beginning the main interest were digital publications of printed material (e.g. anual CD for magazines, online archives). After 1998 PDF became more an more interesting as exchange format for press data. Later PDF became the preferred internal format for output workflow systems for CTP and digital printing systems. Today PrePress-Consulting offers multiple services around PDF in print production. In addition to printers and prepress service providers, ad agencies and publishers, more and more print buyers are interested in standardizing their digital prepress files. E.g. PrePress-Consulting has successfully supported Novartis Pharma in the global introduction of PDF/X-4 for all packaging prepress files. Beside consulting Stephan Jaeggi also shares his knowledge in many seminars and publications (mainly in german). The most important publication is the free newsletter PDF-AKTUELL which is published by Stephan Jaeggi since 1999!

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25 years PrePress-Consulting Stephan Jaeggi

The first issue of PDF-AKTUELL was published 20 years ago

Issue 100 of PDF-AKTUELL

The first PDF specification was published 25 years ago

How PDF changed prepress Production dramatically in the last 25 years

My Keynote on 25 years of PDF at PDF Days Europe 2018

Our white paper has changed prepress 20 years ago

20 years PDF Workflow

10 years PDF/X-4 (ISO 15930-7:2008)


PrePress-Consulting is certifed as PDFX-ready Creator for PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-4. Stephan Jaeggi is certifed as PDFX-ready Expert for PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-4.

PDFX-ready Creator PDFX-ready Expert

Since many years Stephan Jaeggi is also

Adobe Certified Expert

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