www.pdf-aktuell.ch is one year old

Jaeggi2_84x88One year ago I have started a new bilingual homepage with a blog based on WordPress at www.pdf-aktuell.ch. What seamed at first an easy task, has developed into an never ending story. Constantly updates are required, adaptions and enhancement have to be added. In the meantime two dozen plugins are in operation. (A list of all Workpress plugins used currently on my site can be found on the FAQ page.) But there are still some features missing.

In the past couple of days I could add some stuff in the front and backstage (e.g. sharing feature for popular social media, pagination feature for blog posts, simpler newsletter unsubscription). Regarding the newsletter features I had bad luck recently. My provider had changed the configuration of the mailing lists. This made subscription and unsubscription impossible. Sending mails was also impossible. (That’s the reason for the late delivery of the newsletter.) After a couple of support tickets the mailing list is back to life. But now I get a lot of SPAM at the admin addresses…

At the beginning opening the web pages was extremely slow since WordPress stores all information in a database and dynamically rebuilds the web pages every time. If there are a lot of features on a web page the performance goes down. After adding the plugin WP Fastest Cache and switching to an SSD drive on the web server the response time is now reasonable. The next step would be the use of a CDN service (Content Delivery Network).

Text entry in WordPress is like working with typesetting systems in the eighties. The text is entered in an editor and then send for processing to a central server. The result can only be seen in a separate preview window. Special features must be defined with cryptic commands or macros (called “shortcodes” in WordPress) which are mixed with the text.

Nevertheless I did create a lot of content during this year. There are 40 web pages and more than 200 blog posts available in english and german. In the future I will constantly add information on new develeopments regarding the use of PDF in Print Production in the blog and of course also in the newsletter.

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