ZePrA 7 with PDF 2.0
and Processing Steps

ColorLogic has released Color Server ZePrA 7. The new version features many interesting enhancements:


  • Support for non-printing elements (ISO processing steps) and PDF layers.
  • Preservation and color conversion of Photoshop PSD and TIFF layers.
  • New feature Restore Configuration allows to re-run Jobs.
  • PDF 2.0 support (page based output intent, black point compensation on object level, spectral definition of spot colors (CxF)).
  • Improved and extended spot color module.
  • Many new productivity features.

There is already a version 7.0.1 available since a major bug was detected in the release version: ZePrA 7.0 could not access DeviceLinks defined in DLS Manager. This bug is fixed in 7.0.1.

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