ZePrA 8 from ColorLogic
can now also be used for Proofing

ColorLogic GmbH releases ZePrA 8, an advanced, smart color server that optimizes and automates printing data – now also with Proofing. The outputs from the DeviceLink and Multicolor profiles combined with the sophisticated spot color rendering can now be used for color proofs. This is especially useful as many RIPs do not entirely support CxF/X-4 or SCTV calibration, nor do they have a spectral color prediction model for spot color rendering. The proofing module’s outstanding results were confirmed with a 7 color proof at the recent FOGRA Multicolor Forum 2019.


ZePrA 8 brings overall new capabilities and enhancements to the features used every day. The new Auto Setup Wizard helps you define the right proofing settings for automated and accurate conversions. Search options have greatly improved in Configurations and Queues, including the abilities to add Tags to Configurations and search for LAB values in the Spot Color Libraries. ZePrA 8 has expanded on the retaining of layers feature within Photoshop PSD and TIFF files with the option to remove SmartObjects while retaining layers, as well as adding a new SmartLink option for color conversions of equivalent profiles. Also added is the option to rasterize any PDF document even if it does not contain transparencies, and customizable opacity values in Spot Colors are just some of the many upgraded features.

Detailed information about the new features can be found in the online help.

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