Acrobat May 2019 Update
with PDF 2.0 and PDF Processing Steps

Adobe released planned updates for Acrobat DC and Acrobat 2017. As usual there are separate installers:

The update can also be installed using the Acrobat menu Help > Check for Updates….

In addition to many improvements in the user interface (e.g. Review, Signatures, Reopen closed documents, Search, Commenting, Microsoft integration) there are finally also some interesting new features for print production in the preflight function:

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with PDF 2.0 and PDF Processing Steps

First features for OpenType SVG fonts
in Callas pdfToolbox and Enfocus PitStop

Recently I have published a warning regarding the use OpenType SVG fonts in Adobe InDesign CC2019 for PDFs for print production.

In the meantime, the manufacturers of the most important preflight tools have reacted and included corresponding functions in the latest versions of their products:

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in Callas pdfToolbox and Enfocus PitStop

Enfocus PitStop 2019
with many small improvements

The improvements in Enfocus PitStop 2019 Update on one hand bring extensions of existing functions but also a more efficient handling of the PitStop tools.

My favorites are the following functions:

At there is a longer list of new features (incl. more videos) and I also found a detailed list of all changes (with screenshots).

GWG: new Landing Page and new
Preflight Profiles for Digital Printing

After the recent publication of the first specification for digital printing by the Ghent Workgroup (GWG), a new landing page for digital printing has now been released. A similar landing page has recently been launched for packaging and labels.

On the new digital printing page you can also download the new digital printing preflight profiles for Enfocus PitStop Pro and Callas pdfToolbox. The Callas profile can also be used with Acrobat DC Pro.

ATTENTION: The new profiles are called «GWG_Digital_Cutsheet_2015…». The year 2015 is justified by the fact that the new digital printing specification is based on the GWG2015 specifications for offset printing.

About the necessity
of «context aware» preflight

The Callas Blog has published an article about the necessity of «context aware” preflight. The new «Sifter» technology in Callas pdfToolbox 10 allows to analyze PDF objects in their context. See also my article A Quantum Leap in Preflight!.

Akash Choudhary describes some use cases in his post. The classic example is certainly small black text that is set to knockout:

If the black text is places over a colored background (left), overprinting is important to prevent white flashes in case of register inaccuracies in the printing machine. If the text has no background (right), it does not matter whether it is set to overprint or knockout.

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of «context aware» preflight