Barcode project of Fogra
and free check tool from Callas

In a research project, Fogra looked at the print quality of PDF barcodes with high-speed inkjet printing systems. For this purpose, a specially developed test form was output and analyzed on 50 different printing situations.

Callas Software has developed a barcode check function for this purpose, which is part of the free tools in the new Callas pdfToolbox 12:

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New landing page for commercial print
from Ghent Workgroup (GWG)

The Ghent Workgroup announces that a new landing page for Commercial Print has been created. The landing page for Commercial Print is similar in structure to the existing pages for Sign & Display, Digital Print and Packaging.

The new website provides links to

The information is currently only available in English. But we are currently discussing translations into different languages…

Calculation of the
required data rate of a RIP

In addition to the article What does a RIP do? Global Graphics has published an article on calculating the size of the required data rate of a RIP. This is the first part of a two part series on Choosing the class of your Raster Image Processor (RIP).

The article links to an Excel spreadsheet with several calculation formulas for sheetfed and web printing. The formula for sheet-fed printing can also be used to calculate the amount of data for a platesetter.

Harlequin RIP Version 12.1
with PDF Processing Steps

Global Graphics supports PDF Processing Steps (ISO 19593-1) in the latest version 12.1 of their Harlequin RIP. This is a new ISO standard designed for labels and packaging workflows, that specifies a standard way of encoding processing steps such as die and fold lines or dimensions into a PDF file. It provides an unambiguous way of marking the technical content that’s required in the finishing step of the production workflow but not intended to be printed.

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