Microsoft Print To PDF for Windows 10

There is a new feature in Windows 10 called Microsoft Print to PDF which allows to create PDF documents with every application with a print feature without any additional software. (This is possible in MacOS X since long time.)

For Microsoft Office application this feature is not required since they support a PDF export feature since quite a while.

This is most probably the end of XPS (XML Paper Specification). This was Microsofts answer to PDF. But XPS was never really established.

However it seams that this feature is not always available by default. The actication is shown in a YouTube video.

Updates of Acrobat 9 only on FTP

Acrobat9-SplashscreenAdobe has removed the download links for the Acrobat 9 updates from their web pages. Possibly because Acrobat 9 is officially no longer supported.

But there are many users stilling working successfully with Acrobat 9.

Sometimes a new installation is required which means installing Acrobat 9.0.0 and all incremental updates. Unfortunately the menu Help > Check for Updates… does not always work proberly.

Fortunately one can still download the updates from the Adobe FTP server: